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Beacon H​ome of Hope 

Your Loved One’s Well-Being, Comfort, and Health Are Our Priorities

Entrust them to us here at Beacon Home of Hope and we’ll assist them with daily living activities and provide them with companionship. Contact us for more information.



Your Loved One Is in Good Hands 

Beacon Home of Hope is an assisted living facility based in Orange Park, Florida. We were founded on a simple but innovative vision: to champion quality of life for all seniors. Our residents receive the care that’s just right for them; it begins with determining their personal needs, then customizing their living and support options according to those needs.

A Glimpse of Our Facility

Beacon residents live in comfortable and spacious rooms.

  • A large sunroom
  • A large private backyard with plenty of gardening space
  • Two private rooms and two semi-private rooms (Specializing in Care for Senior Adults)

We ensure that our residents maintain their privacy, independence, and self-esteem while encouraging them to do daily activities that promote physical, mental, and social involvement.

Beacon Home of Hope was created in the belief that aging is not a loss of youth, but instead, a new phase of opportunity and strength. No one can avoid aging but aging productively is another matter. Here at Beacon, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a home-like residential environment. We ensure that we listen and respond to our residents’ wants and needs. 

Our Home

At our facility, our elders enjoy an active, engaging lifestyle that promotes wellness and independence. Located in a quiet community in Orange Park, Florida, our home is safe and clean. We also provide meals and fun activities.

It is our goal to keep our elders active and lead an independent lifestyle. The Beacon staff strive for all residents to feel warm and welcome. Our people also treat your loved one as a valued and respected member of our own family, providing you with peace of mind senior housing.

Our Mission

We Focus and Thrive in Providing Quality Care for Our Seniors

Our mission at Beacon Home of Hope is to provide a safe and loving environment for our elderly clients. We treat them with dignity and help them live comfortable lives filled with joy.

Meet the Owner

Beacon Home of Hope is owned and operated by a U.S. Army Veteran Tomella Rosa; who has dedicated her life to helping seniors age in a comfortable and welcoming setting, inspired by how she cared for her own elderly relatives. 

Even though Tomella loved what she was doing in her personal profession—through much prayer and God’s timing—she realized that her deepest calling was nurturing seniors in their later years.

The passion Tomella has for the elderly community has always been close to her heart, driving her to visit regularly in assisted senior homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. After each visit, she was compelled to seek even more time to get involved with this special generation. She feels honored to provide them with a great team that loves and respects their elders.

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